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Privacy-minded search engines
This is a gateway to a random Searx Random Searx
This is a SearX instance SKYN3T
This is privacy-focused search engine
Qwant private search Qwant
DuckDuckGo Secure Search  DuckDuckGo Search
DuckDuckGo Secure Image Search DuckDuckGo Image Search
This is a SearX instance
This is DuckDuckStart - not DuckDuckGo DuckDuckStart
Metager Metager
Swisscows secure search Swisscows DuckDuckGo Secure Search  DuckDuckGo Lite
Private search powered by IBM's Watson 
Ekoru - where your search helps save the oceans (youtube proxy)
Mojeek search engine

 Random Invidio servers constantly play cat-n-mouse with Google.  If your search returns a blank page or no results, return here and try again for another server

praemonitus de pliroforíes octopodes

Startpage Secure Search Startpage
You are not their customers; you are their product.

Other search engines
IMDB is an Amazon company Internet Movie Database
Search Ebay

search titles and descriptions
Search British Broadcasting Corporation 
 Search Twitter
Search Associated Press
Search Agence France-Presse
Search Reuters

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